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Free Gas Cards for Unemployed: Guide and How to Apply – 2023

Free Gas Cards for Unemployed

This is my complete guide to Free Gas Cards for Unemployed, Guide and How to Apply.

The government along with many non-profit institutes launch numerous programs and schemes aiming to help the needy in the country.

These schemes are targeted at particular groups like low-income families, disabled or old citizens, unemployed people, etc. to ensure that lack of money doesn’t deprive them of basic necessities. Some of these programs include food stamps, rent concessions, free mobile phones and free gas cards for unemployed, old or disabled and low-income families.

This article explores free gas cards for unemployed people and other options about how to get free gas through both offline gas coupons and online free gas cards

Introduction: Free Gas Cards for Unemployed


Unemployment and poverty are two of the most severe social battles that are being fought by the USA today. Unemployed people living in the clutches of poverty, many are even deprived of routine things to make the day go smoothly.

Some of these things even stand as an obstacle between them and opportunities that can help them free themselves from the holds of unemployment and poverty. One of the sad things is gas which has become a necessity in our lives today. Be it for cooking our food or fuelling our cars.

The gas prices have been slowly and gradually increasing over time to an extent that today a full tank of gas in an average car with a twelve-gallon capacity is about forty-six dollars which is a huge chunk of money when it comes to people with unstable, low or no income. This is where free gas cards, gas coupons and emergency gas cards come into the picture. 

What Are Free Gas Cards, Gas Coupons or Gas Vouchers

What Are Free Gas Cards, Gas Coupons or Gas Vouchers

A free gas card, as the name suggests, is a gas coupon or a voucher that provides the redeemer with free gas. A person with a free gas card or coupon can use it at any gas station. Gas coupons, cards and vouchers are issued by various organizations, government-based or otherwise, but they all work the same way and are aiming towards the same goal, i.e. helping the needy with basic utilities.

Each of said gas coupons has a unique code to ensure that repeated use of the same card and duplication isn’t done. To ensure that the money being provided is used for the objective of paying for gas, it is not possible to redeem the cost to buy anything else, including utilities like food, medicines, toilet paper, etc.

Target and Need

Target and Need

Free gas cards and vouchers are targeted toward people who cannot afford basic utilities. These people include low-income families, disabled people, senior citizens, veterans, unemployed people, etc.

A full tank of gas is important to unemployed people as it facilitates transport to job interviews. These gas coupons try to ensure that no one is deprived of an opportunity to work or sit for an interview because they cannot afford the transportation cost for the same.

The amount may seem negligible to most of us but this small amount saved is an enormous help to people who do not have a stable income source. The money saved can be used for other utilities like food, and water or deposited in the form of savings. These small amounts saved through free gas gift cards and gas coupons can make a huge difference over time.  



As mentioned above, many institutes and organizations issue free gas cards for the unemployed and free gas gift cards for people with lower incomes. The eligibility to avail of these gas coupons and vouchers differs from one institute to another. Have all the details of your bank statements, documents that highlight your condition, and identity proof while applying for these coupons.

There are so many organizations that provide free gas cards for unemployed people, you are bound to find one that fits your eligibility qualifications. It is still advisable to apply in as many organizations as you can as it increases your chances of receiving a free gas coupon or card and one should try to get all the help one can when it comes to these things.

Various ways/Organizations

Various ways - Organizations

Now let’s finally explore various organizations that give out free gas cards for unemployed people and low-income individuals or families. 

Free Gas USA

Free Gas USA is a non-profit organization that, as its name suggests, is working towards providing free gas cards for unemployed and low-income families. The headquarters of Free Gas USA is located in Michigan and Subsidiary of the Baptism USA ministry. 

This inspirational organization aims to distribute free gas coupons and gas cards for low-income families and unemployed people who can’t afford the rising prices of gas. Gas coupons and cards provided by Free Gas USA either help them fill up their tank for absolutely free or at a discounted price.

They are moving towards their goal of helping as many unemployed youths as they can so they can save up the money they spend on gas, which may seem like a small amount but saved over time can have a huge impact and thus help them to take part in helping the rising economy of the country as well as improving their lifestyle.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the most popular and international protestant churches and charitable organizations in the world. The charitable organizations have been taking huge strides in helping people in need by opening thrift stores, distributing food and toys, issuing motel and hotel vouchers, issuing grants, etc. all over the country to everyone irrespective of their backgrounds or religions.

One of their initiatives for helping needy people is also handing out free gas cards, gas coupons and vouchers as well as free gas gift cards. They even try to provide general transport services to people who need them the most.

Irrespective of their best efforts, funds are extremely limited and only a few people end up receiving help from them but that doesn’t mean that one should not try to get our hands on these helpful gas coupons. Even if your name is listed, they may contact you if they can provide any assistance to you in any way.

If you are looking up free gas cards for the unemployed, there are a few more things that the initiatives of The Salvation Army may be able to help you with.

Thousands of people write to them for funds but the majority of these requests are granted to people who are trying to get into school, going for job interviews or training, getting medical help, etc. It is advised to be as thorough as you can with your application and explain your situation, problem and urgency of the help required. 

Gas for Help Free Gas Cards for Low-Income Masses

Gas for Help Free Gas Cards for Low-Income Masses

This is another organization that tries to provide people with free gas cards, gas coupons and vouchers, free gas gift cards, etc. They streamline their candidates by adding an additional eligibility criteria.

Gas for help free gas cards and vouchers are only given to people who drive their vehicle up to a thousand miles a month. People provided with these gas coupons are also required to display ads that are given to them by the organization.

People who are issued these free gas cards can use them to fill their gas tanks unless and until they continue displaying the ads provided. In the case of some particular ads, they can earn additional cash ranging from seventeen dollars to eighty dollars! 

St. Vincent De Paul

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul is an international voluntary organization that supports the catholic churches in the whole nation and provides services to the poor.

If you are currently receiving any government assistance, you are most likely to qualify for the services provided by St. Vincent De Paul. The help provided by them is service-based, they help applicants with gas coupons that can be only used in case of emergencies and important events like job interviews, also known as emergency gas cards.

If you are applying for gas coupons, you can also look into the other facilities provided by them which include but are not limited to job training, food pantries, medical services, housing programs, thrift stores, donations, etc. 

Local Churches

Churches in every locality have a section dedicated to helping people in need. One can always write letters to them requesting any assistance one needs. If you are in need of a full tank of gas for a job interview or a personal emergency but you cannot afford it, you should write to them explaining your situation and the urgency of assistance needed in the form of an emergency gas card.

It may seem like a long shot, but one should open every door provided to us in times of need. If the church has the funds to help you, they may provide you with gas coupons, a free gas gift card or even cash to help you in your rough time.

The funds are limited as they mainly function on donations and charity, so the chances of getting assistance are lower than usual, so one should be safe and apply to other organizations for free gas coupons as well.

Non-Emergency Transportation ( N.E.T.)

Non-Emergency Transportation, acronymed as N.E.T. is yet another government-funded way to receive help with gas. It may not necessarily be in the form of a free gas card for routine activities but it serves the same purpose for particular events.

If you are on Medicaid or any other government assistance program, you may be able to qualify for free gas coupons and vouchers for non-emergency transportation. The Non-Emergency Transportation program and the gas coupons they give out are funded by the person’s medical insurance.

The 2-1-1 Program

United Way can be reached using their website or their toll-free hotline. On their website, you will find a section dedicated to financial help and programs built for the assistance of needy people including the homeless, unemployed, veterans and low-income masses. They do not issue free gas cards directly under their name but can help you figure out places where you can.

You should explain your condition, needs and eligibility to them and they will guide you on where and how to apply for gas coupons. The directions for the same can be seen on their website under the section of “Essential Needs” as well.

Online Options

Online Options

A lot of people cannot afford to go to the physical centres of these places as they may not be in their locality. For easy accessibility of these gas coupons and free gas cards, provisions by many organizations have been made so that people can apply for them online from anywhere. Let’s take a brief dive into some of these options of online free gas cards:

Swag Bucks

Swag bucks is an online platform that helps people by giving out online free gas cards, gas coupons and vouchers in exchange for doing some survey activities, shopping online, watching videos and other online activities. You get points while doing these online activities which can later be redeemed at the gas station and can be used to fill gas. ‘

There are no concrete eligibility criteria and if you dedicate yourself and spend the required time doing the said activities you can earn up to five dollars a day which may not seem a lot but they can add up to a significant amount and be a great help to people with low and unstable incomes.

Survey Junkie Free Gas Cards and Vouchers

This is another website which provides a quick and easy way to earn free gas money that acts the same way as free gas cards for the unemployed and people with low incomes do. You can create an account on their website for free. There are no eligibility criteria to create a said account. Like the name suggested, this site lets the user take various surveys.

Each survey has a different number of questions and points, the user can choose the surveys he or she wants to take. You can take as many surveys as you can and when you reach a thousand points, you can redeem them for ten dollars which can be used as gas money which doesn’t hurt your pocket.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Free Gas Card Vouchers

This is yet another site which provides money in return for doing surveys. You can go to their official site, enter all your particulars to create an account and then start taking surveys for money right away.

Kroger Free Gas Cards and Vouchers

People with low incomes need to shop for groceries as well. Kroger gives them a chance to get free gas cards and coupons if people choose to buy their groceries online using their site. It offers points and gas coupons and free gas gift cards to its customers. After collecting a certain amount of points, these gas cards can be used after redeeming them at any gas station.

Winn Dixie Free Gas Cards and Vouchers

Using and shopping via Winnie Dixie can help you get free gas cards as well. Use their app and earn more points and redeem them from any gas station to fuel your gas tank for free!

My Points Free Gas Cards and Vouchers

Very similar to Swagbucks, MyPoints also has activities on their site like watching videos, reading emails, taking surveys, etc. In return, they give the user points which can be redeemed after reaching a certain level in the form of online free gas cards. Said points can be redeemed at gas stations for free fuel like free gas coupons as well. MyPoints has been helping people since 1996.

GasBuddy Free Gas Cards and Vouchers

GasBuddy is one of the biggest and most popular networks that extend a helping hand to low-income individuals and families in the form of free gas cards and gas coupons so that they can get at least one basic utility for a free or reasonable price. Their network is not limited to just The United States Of America but also extends up to Canada and Australia. You can also use their help for food, groceries, etc. 

Additional Options

Additional Options

Are you wondering, “How to Get Free Gas?” When trapped in the face of financial adversity, it is important to keep a look-out for all the ways one can find help and grab the opportunities presented. If you are looking for free gas coupons, here are a few additional ways you can get money for gas:

Company’s Product Offers

It is not unusual for companies to give offers on their products to attract sales. When there is an increase in the price of gas, many companies provide free gas coupons and free gas gift cards with the purchase of their products. It is important to keep an eye out, stay updated with the offers of your neighbouring markets.

Gas Coupons While Travelling

If you’ve travelled away from your home for some family occasion, job interview, emergency etc., one should always look into the policies of the hotel one chooses to stay at.

This provision should ideally be checked, looked into and taken into consideration while choosing a hotel to stay at. A lot of hotels provide free gas cards to their residents for the time span they are staying with them. 

Grocery Store Points

Many grocery stores provide loyalty points to their regular customers in the U.S. After shopping enough groceries from a single store or chain of stores, you collect points that can be redeemed at gas stations to fuel your vehicle the same way gas coupons do. Some stores give out free gas gift cards as well.

Displaying Ads on Your Car

Car wrapping is an easy and convenient way to get free gas cards for unemployed and low-income families.

Many companies in the U.S. pay people to display provided ads on their cars in exchange for gas money and additional cost for advertising products. A person can earn from a hundred to four hundred dollars by displaying ads on one’s car.

Things to Keep in Mind While Applying for Free Gas Cards

Things to Keep in Mind While Applying for Free Gas Cards

If you are applying for gas coupons, you should keep these helpful tips in mind that will help you save gas for your car. Practising these good habits can help you save a considerable amount of money over time.

Drive Slow

Driving slowly is not just about safety, driving slowly also uses less gas which makes the full tank of gas through your free gas card.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Most people with vehicles tend to ignore maintenance, either due to a lack of money or the knowledge about the need to do the same. A well-maintained car is more likely to run for a longer time than its counterpart if it uses the same full tank of gas-filled with a free gas coupon as it is more efficient. Using fuel-efficient vehicles is also advised for the same reason. 

Cheapest Gas

Try to find the cheapest gas station in your locality and schedule the days you will get your vehicle fueled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about free gas cards for unemployed and low-income families have been answered below:

1. What Does Using a Free Gas Card or Gas Coupon Do?

A free gas coupon, card or voucher, like the name suggests helps the user get gas for no or discounted price.

2. How to Get Free Gas Cards Online?

Yes, there are numerous websites which provide free gas cards and redeemable points in exchange for taking different types of surveys and other online activities. Some of the said websites that provide online free gas cards are Swagbucks, MyPoints, GasBuddy, etc. 

3. Does United Way Provide Free Gas Cards?

No, United way does not provide free gas coupons on its own. Instead, they help you acquire one. You can talk to them about your situation, needs, locality, etc. and they will guide you to your nearest opportunity. 

The Article Comes to an End

Gas has become an essential part of a working person in today’s world, but unfortunately, so has unemployment. The unemployed mass of the U.S. majorly lives in poverty and is deprived of even basic utilities because of their financial conditions.

Gas is required for routine day-to-day activities and even a necessity when it comes to travelling places for various job interviews or job profiles that many semi or unskilled people would tend to opt for i.e. working as a porter. The price of gas has been increasing over the years to a point that it has become a significant amount that is written down by unemployed or low-income people in their budgets.

Saving up this money by getting help in the form of free gas cards, gas coupons and vouchers as well as free gas gift cards is more valuable than we think. Many organizations have begun offering said gas coupons in the hopes of helping unemployed people stabilize their lives.

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